good things may happen with a decision of one or three

want 1 inch more or 3 more inches? you decide, all for six euro. special price. be honest.
to be honest, i wouldn’t know to be honest, said sponge, my day just isn’t long enough. even now when i don’t see the office that often anymore, the outside from time to time but you know how buildings look like after a while. no way i am going to decide on that, that for sure. i wonder if i’m the only one listening to that man.
the man was slight, tracksuited, and had his hair combed over. nice watch, new car. he left without without a trace. not certain that he ever was there.

options and decision

what to do now, said sponge, if we were to kill ourselves, how would we go about?
we could hang ourselves on hooks, said block of wood.
very kitcheny, said sponge, it might bother the housewives.
cruxify us, said breadroll.
that might outrage the muslim, said sponge.
they would burn us then, said breadroll, that should serve the purpose.
only our effigies, said sponge.
shop till we drop?
no shop around, that is the problem. we should leave it for the moment, said sponge, and no-one would be upset.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.