but difference in shit can spell lucky

same corner, did we say same corner. yeah well, same corner that’s what it is. it is my superior believe that we didn’t move a bit, abit and therefore didn’t get very far, said sponge. he made a point and breadroll made a comma whereas block of wood resorted to a semicolon. to be half-wit sponge then said that making a colon would have been really shitty. none of these comments really furthered anything but luckily wasn’t supposed to do so anyway and thus wasn’t filed as failure.
lucky that.

frog difference

rather than marching the frogs, said blokk, we should pump them full of air and step of them.
effectively burst them, said breadroll.
and what about the mess, said sponge, who’s going to clean that up?
that’s right, said block of wood, didn’t think of that. brutality; not violence.
that’s why i get to write the minutes of the meeting, said sponge, and you don’t.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.