done with it the harking goes

here’s a station, said sponge, why not end right here, get in there board a train and be done with it.
why don’t we?

a lot done more to do

q: politicised titles to episodes seem to be a new way of expression?
a: an expression of way.
q: out?
a: off.
they hadn’t gone far. not gone at all to be honest. they had planned to though, honestly. but i saw a man, said breadroll, with a large face and tiny dolly lips as if he was sucking a stone. he wore a pin-stripped suit. he was a banker. wouldn’t it make you think if you knew your banker is sucking stones?

a or two done

the man who had had a hat went swimming in the sea one day. on his way to the beach he found a coin. after his swim he went to town and bought a new hat but not with the coin he had found as this would not have been enough.
that seems exciting enough, herr brekst said, we should have a jar or two to mark to occasion, maybe three.
done, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.