and so another effort again

the rain has stopped for a while, said sponge, but not for long. i wonder if that is the climate change.
smells like i anyway, said breadroll, i smell a rat when i see one.
that was the most stupid comment in a while.
was meant to be.
that brings me back, said sponge, hours of senseless talk. just speak. he looks around, sees nothing. ya well, he says.

what a day to make the effort

would never do it, said block of wood, wouldn’t do it. not a compromise, seems miserly, would. said block of wood. and stood there. i could have punched him, slapped him across the face, gouged his eyes, kicked his balls, slit his nose, pulled his ears, but of course that would have been his thing, wouldn’t it. along with odd pun. i’m sick of senses of humour.

another effort carny folk if you want to be republicans

still holding a cutlet and some sausages in one hand and a mixer in the other plus some added cocktail sauce, sponge says: splatter without blood is nothing at all fer sake; and pours a pint of stage blood on the stage. get this: stage blood on stage, as if it was made for it. mad action all together.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.