eggman again for short

see it roll, an egg. down the road. who rolls eggs down roads, down, the eggman? sponge baffled, likewise breadoll, buttered so to speak using easy puns as a means of achieving comical effects that might even insult people.
that is not acceptable. could we report it? that would lead to an investigation. on hisĀ  behalf. we could, and that would be a decisive step on our part, threaten an investigation ourselves. leadership, that sort of thing. what sort of egg was it anyway?

pay the eggman

i’m not paying. sponge was sure. no way; no matter who he is.
he is the man who can provide egg sandwiches at office parties, said breadroll.
we put it on the account, said sponge. we should.

definition of eggman

eggman. who is the eggman? what is the eggman? where is the eggman, we could ask but it would be a waste of time. it is the man who brings the eggs one might think and it is probably right. sponge was delighted about a little bit of joy this reassuring thought had brought. one shold relish these moments.

who is the eggman

i am the eggman, said the walrus.
the plagiarism did not go unnoticed, breadroll had heard it and so had block of wood. they were shocked.
that’s plagiarism, said breadroll.
there is only 1 eggman, said sponge. he looked around. triumphantly. with a grin in his face. a silly grin, plain silly if we may say so but that is sponge for you, sponge as we know him.
you should have got a patent on this phrase, said breadroll.
we’ve been telling you, said block of wood.
i am the walrus, said the eggman.
the 3 scheduled a meeting asap.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.