even in the event that something ever might happen

brekst didn’t come in a while, said sponge, and not much happen since. a fly is a fly but for all i know it is an event. brekst with his cirpy voice, the voice that lingers on when he’s gone.
and even if something happened, said breadroll, what would we do?
about it? with it? for it? against it? i spin when i think about it, said sponge. you name it, said breadroll.

when will they ever live up to it

we should stick to the point, said sponge, i know i keep repeating myslef but the email i am getting do likewise.
myself it should be, said breadroll, you said …
i know, said sponge, bloody typo. —— long pause ——. the headlines are a real pain.
you don’t say, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.