word as entrance for everyone

and how did it go today? we have only started. i know, whatever, how did it go, any feedback? none. haven’t heard anything. was there something we were to say at some point. perhaps we missed the keyword. perhaps. or maybe. or that. we should discuss our keywords again. fix our tags. fix our tags, perhaps. metaphysical tags. karma keys. maybe they’ll tell us then.
final sentence: involving sponge and breadroll.

a place for each and everyone

mr. slot was most displeased to find sponge splashed on his seat like a suburban urchin but had he ask the train people, little more than rude insults would have been the outcome.
mr. slot sat somewhere else and that was that.
herr brekst had had a similiar experience once.

not everyone’s watching you

a breadcrust and a washed-out bottle of beer lingered on, the rest had gone home — a long time ago. this was the impression last night had given and this morning supported.
we should do something with poetry, said sponge, should set the leftovers in a more favourable light.
that would do good, said breadroll.
should we bother entertaining, said sponge.
let’s go, said breadroll.
otherwise, a few blocks down the road a man had mounted his bicycle and was about to take off when he remembered he had forgotten his coat. that would have been a bit of a chill factor, he said. for a second he regretted not having to have anyone to tell the funny incident when he almost took off without his coat ut remembered in time. he cycled on then.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.