terror has a face and a tendency

during the offally bombing nobody shot, said sponge.
that’s an old story, said breadroll.
that is the face of terror, said sponge, didn’t shot this time, will shot next time. that’s the snot in the nose. what it boils down to. the snot in the nose. it’s there, you don’t feel it, don’t know about it and bang, pops out and causes havoc.
sponge sulked a bit. he liked his imagery, which didn’t ring with the others. rainy day with gust of northerly wind. terror brings security, just as the train people work. a train will come. peace on earth, our pure essence.

sit on my face

sponge on his chair was dribbling.
does anyone have a rug, said block of wood, or a tissue?
loo roll, said breadroll.
that’ll do, said block of wood.
they paused. scenery: room. (memorise details of room during pause).
i would like to be sat on, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.