daft so far

how’s it going. so, so. don’t think much of it. we hadn’t had much in the way of meaning so far. a few headings, some cryptic mutterings, not much so far to look at. a sponge and a breadroll should be able to do more and make a difference. not a word about the miserable and afflicted but many publications ignore them, just too unpleasant. there are, of course, popular miseries, which go well with the crowd, which the crowd can relate to, not too much goo, no oozing sores, that wouldn’t be good, the children would ask questions. most, however, are not of that type and plain uncomforable, understandably one does not want to hear about it.
but there is chewing gum on the pavement. yes there is, plenty. but that’s a daft thing to say. you could find something in it though.

we are content so far

actually, said sponge and appeared stern, actually the waiting bit is not scheduled and we are actually not waiting for anything at all; officially — a semicolon is a way to avoid a new sentence.


we haven’t gone far so far, said sponge.
yes, the others said. then they were silent for a while (until somebody broke the silence again – but that happened some other time. not far after the bridge they would not reach for ages).

so far

sponge, breadroll and block of wood sat on the couch.
kekkekkek utuul goh, said breadroll.
rrrrrrot dadida dada ffroll, said block of wood.
my word, said sponge, there would have been a time for such word, my word. this is sofa. sofa, take a bow. sofa does not move, you see. let us go now.
sponge, breadroll and block of wood sat on the sofa.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.