perhaps the obese one the fat woman

it won’t be much of a storyline or disorganised action to be going on, but, said breadroll, perhaps we could pick on the overweight again. they are far to sluggish to get out and burn stooges.
besides, said block of wood, stooges of skinnies wouldn’t make much of a fire.
we love the way a block of wood points out really crucial things. our friends feel the same way. they have the same sense of humour and are otherwise quite similiar, too. and now something almost completelt different:
it won’t be much of a storyline or disorganised action to be going on to, said breadroll.
sponge agreed. nothing to add.

fi fo fat man

he looks sad, said breadroll. he emphasised sad.
he sure does, said block of wood.
it’s the hamburgers, said sponge, they love to be eaten, marginally tasty but very fattening.
so that’s what’s wrong with him, said breadroll.
no, said sponge, it’s just that nobody likes him.

fat woman obviously

nonetheless we want clarity and that’s where the starting title ends.
that’s a bit rude, said sponge, abit abit.
we really have lost her, said breadroll, there’s no way out.

grand finale: the fat lady

fat woman, said sponge; he was silenced. —
we remember: the was a time of them three together and now there is not a tiome of them three together and nonetheless one of them has come up with and idea: —
we should invite the brainy child one day, said breadroll, just for the laugth.

fat lady or woman

whatever happened to the fat lady, breadroll said eventually.
no idea, said sponge, still there perhaps.
who did she want to talk to anyway, said breadroll.
have no idea, said sponge, surely we have a policy for that.
why don’t we just ask her?
very unprofessional. what if you ask and it wasn’t you she’s looking for? you talked to her without her wanting to talk to you.
that would not be good.
not good no.
a matter of policy.
that’s done.

fatty lashings

hello. hello hello. hello.
sponge handed out two hellos and received two hellos back in return. breakeven. not bad, he said.
not too bad, said breadroll.
certainly not said sponge.
so, said breadroll, you’re back then.
was he away, said block of wood.
he wasn’t, said breadroll, that’s just something one does ask out of courtesy. it’s called making conversation. you learn this stuff in tree school, don’t you?
block of wood accepted the explanation, however, in a parallel world blokk (known as) slashed breadroll with a knife (the most suitable tool for the specific task) to apply lashings of butter and jam and later ask for further clarification.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.