discharge responsibility for feathers’ feast

when i hear christmas, said sponge, i want to discharge my revolver.
o dear, said breadroll, that’s drastic. what kind of revolver.
browning, said sponge.
sure, said breadroll, mauser is worse.

more feathers

feathers, said breadroll, feathers, feathers.
fatherse, said block of wood, as some people say.
they are snobs, said breadroll. feethars maybe.


i will be around to stir up the water, rattle a few cages, and ruffle a few feathers, i told you, said sponge.
feathers, said breadroll.
ruffle the feathers, said block of wood, i knew we’d forget something.
he did not forget it, said breadroll.
no, said block of wood, he didn’t.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.