14.56 1,405.90
1,635.99 3,340.09
5,155.82 183,051.14
1,055.80 1,572.48
1,661.72 550.21
316.88 868.74
1,360.20 54.54
ahh, that’s lovely, said breadroll.
it is, isn’t it, said block of wood. he admired the figures. so petite, almost like figurines.
and that was a pun again, said sponge, a stupid one, if i may comment. asinine, so to speak.
i am in bad form today, said block of wood, why is it anyway that breadroll gets to have the opening line, each and every single time.
he doesn’t, said sponge.
he does, said block of wood.
that’s because of the alphabet, said sponge.