anything is good for something in the end

the thought of having to come up with something, anything, was too much. i can’t bear that, said sponge. breadroll entered the room and sat down. you are very formal today, said sponge, entering the room, like that. other people just come in. other people, as breadroll replied, also simply had enough, rather than claiming to be unable to bear an event or location. true, said sponge. they waited. perhaps something happens, said sponge, so that we do not have to come up with something. or anything at all, said breadroll, which, as they agreed, was a good way to end the conversation.

word for the day

just one word: embroidery. said sponge. he added that people should be too concern about an explanation as the morning soon would turn to evening and queues would dissolve and waiting lists would be folded up for the night. he went on to state that embroidery as such had little to no part in the foundation of the united states of america.

some incidents are just for nothing

i’ve never seen a heart attack, said sponge.
you mean someone having one, said breadroll. of course. the other day, on the train. that man just got sick. oh yes, disgusting, all down his coat. he took it well. until they threw him out. no, he didn’t like that a bit. he was very upset. ran after the train and all. and against a tree. no, he fell. oh yes.
i tried to use that in a presentation or so but it didn’t fit in, said sponge. don’t worry. something else will come up.
doesn’t really look like an office around here.
it never does. that the whole point.

word as entrance for everyone

and how did it go today? we have only started. i know, whatever, how did it go, any feedback? none. haven’t heard anything. was there something we were to say at some point. perhaps we missed the keyword. perhaps. or maybe. or that. we should discuss our keywords again. fix our tags. fix our tags, perhaps. metaphysical tags. karma keys. maybe they’ll tell us then.
final sentence: involving sponge and breadroll.

something for something and anything at all

there is something we wanted to do, is there. usually there is, most of the time. what it was? something urgent, something we needed  to do. don’t ask, we didn’t ask. something.
sure we lean out of the window instead. they tried. we take a seat. things we do today.

a queue is all we need for good order

look at that, said sponge, they are all waiting. peacefully in peace. not a bother.
a queue, said breadroll.
i can see that, said sponge.
proper order, said breadroll.

for a change

for a change. says sponge. that’s another thing. we wouldn’t touch that.
and that was it for the day really.

dada is cheese on breadroll for those who can afford it

it took a long time to be still not finished. we should have started to finish earlier. right after finishing preparations to discuss the next step or two. between meeting to form the committees and before the blustering speeches and long, long before the biting speeches, right after the initial throat clearing to, as a bare minimum, have the stage before the previous one finished but this way it’ll take some time to be at the planning stages.
i’m aiming to have tuna then, said sponge.

eggman again for short

see it roll, an egg. down the road. who rolls eggs down roads, down, the eggman? sponge baffled, likewise breadoll, buttered so to speak using easy puns as a means of achieving comical effects that might even insult people.
that is not acceptable. could we report it? that would lead to an investigation. on his  behalf. we could, and that would be a decisive step on our part, threaten an investigation ourselves. leadership, that sort of thing. what sort of egg was it anyway?

another cup of coffee for i go

i’m off, said someone and did really get up and went. someone had offered him another cup of tea but he said he wanted coffee as he was going. not a good reason for a coffee. someone wanted to bring a cup of coffee but the other didn’t want to wait. i’ll be rushing, someone said and was off. he just went without a cup of coffee or a goodbye. such was the rush that he didn’t finish his tea. he had ordered a beer, not tea. the waitress had got it wrong and brought a rhum instead to apologise, that was policy. all a bit confusing. sponge had not been there and couldn’t quite remember.

a place for each and everyone

mr. slot was most displeased to find sponge splashed on his seat like a suburban urchin but had he ask the train people, little more than rude insults would have been the outcome.
mr. slot sat somewhere else and that was that.
herr brekst had had a similiar experience once.

for all it is worth

they did ask me, said breadroll to make the first line and that is exactly what i did — right now i did it. not that i did not do exactly the same thing before but that is a second line now which i believe everyone has been waiting for. we should get something out of it.
what, train folks asked. he was a stout fella, red around the nose, eyes bloodshot, contained movements, a bull about to enter a china shop. what, he says. ticket, he says, points towards the clock. shortly, he finally snorts. lifts his shoulders. eats.

for criticism only will not do

we’ve got to go somewhere, said sponge.
pity we’re not celebrities, said breadroll, we could read in the papers how well we are doing.
pity, said sponge.
the station stretched from there to the very back, the platform that is, the actual station was spanning over platform and tracks, gun emplacements approved by the council. they would need if if a riotuos is introduced.

a story mentioning terror just for publicity

that’s pure terr’r, said sponge. they just cancelled the train.
to cancel.
to make void. revoke. annul. to cancel a reservation for instance, or to decide or announce that a planned event will not take place after all although the usual freeloaders and hagers-on will turn up any way. call off what should never have been on, to cancel a meeting with an somebody one hasn’t met. to mark or perforate (a postage stamp, admission ticket, a condom) so as to render invalid for reuse. neutralize; counterbalance; compensate for. reach out.
i will make a book one day, said sponge only with words in it. on terror.

apologies for that is what to say when attempting to apologise

what was that?
an apology, to apologise, apologies, i apologise. in general means apologize: defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning; “rationalise the child’s seemingly crazy behaviour but coming to the conclusion that it was just crazy behaviour”; “he rationalised his or hers”; but also: acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failings or blunders; “i apologised for being late”; “he apologised for the many lesser things in life”. that’s me, said sponge, any second now. but if we were to provide them with a detailed account of inconveniences caused, would they feel worse? the same? better?

excellent day for a query

i would have a question, said sponge, and answer one if you like. as most lonely people he did not reach anyone.
breadroll relaxed, not to be asked. blokk likewise, brutal. lonely.
q: what did you do in those days?
a: hung out. whatever hanging out means these days. recreationals drugs, of course. what you do. so it goes.

so say just for the fun would you like to have sex with me

the next joke will be a fart joke and it will mention the war, children will be harmed and there will be great disaster. we may ask for your help and support. but we will be fine after all. that is a promise. you can take that as a pledge, of sorts. we just need some understanding. some excitement. we need your trust to the point where we need you to actually rely on us.
breadroll never had a thing for cheap beer but rarely found shops that had anything on offer but.

discharge responsibility for feathers’ feast

when i hear christmas, said sponge, i want to discharge my revolver.
o dear, said breadroll, that’s drastic. what kind of revolver.
browning, said sponge.
sure, said breadroll, mauser is worse.

there is always one or something for that matter

we witness a naked man running down the road. nothing else happens, pretty grim area. bleak area, nothing going bar the one guy running, that should have been mentioned in the title, not just the one. at least there was one at least.
there’s got to be something, said sponge.

thank the beetle for being up a tree

there is quietness, said breadroll. we have to get to know each other.
no, said block of wood, i’m sidelined as it is and that’s because of my name. this is a little spring before a long winter. we skip summer. and autumn.
ahh, cheer up, said breadroll. there always has been talk that we might sodomise each other. as in: we. you wouldn’t want to witness or be be drawn into it.

for all the breadrolls of offally

the most amazing thing when the bomb blasted were the looks of utter astonishment in these faces of those lifes over right after they started.
but that was just one of many bombs that blasted on top of offally.
we had excellent lunch then in a hotel near the border where they had a bakery attached and a micro brewery.

some minutes last for hours

there we go, said breadroll.
we didn’t move so far, said sponge. breathe in breathe out. that was a tough one nonetheless. who is doing the minutes?

balls were needed for a tart and bowels

she was rich, said breadroll.
yes, said sponge, but that’s over now.
way over, said breadroll.
we couldn’t go back ther, said sponge.
no, said breadroll, not possibly.

look back for the day

if we look back, said sponge, we wish we hadn’t done so.
too late now, said breadroll, it’s done now.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.