a song to mention them all three four

spo. nge. ch-ch-ch-ch.
bre. adroll. ads no ads. spam bhamwham. roll roll roll.
blo, blo, blo blo. ck o. f. woo. d of wwo. ed. bow.
who c. ould. s. ould:
resist. t. t. t. t. br. ekst. kst. st. t.

[drinking game; halt whenever you come to a fullstop and have a sip. refill glass at colon.]

shan’t is not a four-lettered word

room. yucca tree. the usual. fat woman in the corner, sitting, covered with a bed sheet.
we should hang out for a while, said sponge, have a break, get away from it all. (points at woman) do we know who she came to talk to?
no, said block of wood, but i got rather friendly with her.
you talk to her then, said sponge, shall we uncover her?
no, said block of wood, we shan’t.
that’s a swell word to use, said sponge, shan’t.
isn’t it just, said block of wood, and so is swell. a swell word.
there we go, said sponge, and swell isn’t a shan’t word.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.