it is friday and a good one, too, said breadroll.
we may as well go home, said block of wood, it all seems to be shuttered and barred.
that’s the way to go, most defo, said sponge. alas, they all felt and agreed that it was too early to leave or drop a punch line.
there be no drinking now tonight, said sponge, as our lord was cruzified today and you didn’t see him falling all over the place and be all rowdy.
there was no pub in the area either, said breadroll, and the pints were cheaper. probably larger as well. traditional pints after all, none of that modern stuff.
speaking of which, said block of wood, they sell a fabulous soup in the pub over there.
exactly, said sponge.
let’s have some soup, said block of wood.
that’s a brilliant idea, said sponge, after all it’s friday and it’s a good one.