in further detail

let’s discuss it now, said breadroll.
what, said block of wood.
that’s what i hate at times, said breadroll, one tries to be all serious and open to discussion and some-one appears to be the unbriefed, pretending to have no clue.
well, said block of wood, let’s discuss it ten.
discuss what, said breadroll.

and further

no please, nobody wants a repetition. it has been a success, people liked the poem a lot and people felt the heartfelt feeling but people do no wish a repetition.
three on the couch, one in the middle.
tikilililil oo kop terri hililililili
riiiiiitiiiii kok utuul waaaah
riiiiiitiiiiii kok utuul waaah
riiiiiitiiiiiii kok utuul waah
riiiiiitiiiiiiii kok utuul wah. kekk.
(mtokk nokk) when police and fire brigade had gained access to the flat they found sponge sitting on a couch (smooshch), on a plate before him block of wood stuffed into breadroll.
my friend plate and i are having breakfast, sponge said, would you care for a bite?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.