whatever it takes to get a word in for yourself

why are we talking about food so much, said sponge, is there something?
we are not, said breadroll, we mentioned the canteen recently.
a yes, the canteen. we didn’t mention it before. the perls.
says herr brekst, whenever i come i have a question and no answer ready for me. this is the state of thing and i will have to queue for an answer like anybody else here, if there are any left that is. is this queue for beetroot by chance? or chips? answers?
it is getting silly.

somehow someone must get something

if we are not getting anywhere, said sponge, could we at least settle for another goal? that was a question. d’you want me to sound like a journalist? fnn ff nnnfff fnnn.
not good, said breadroll, you won’t get a story out of this.
there must be something, said sponge.

when and how to get up

my phone will take care of that, said sponge, my phone will ring on time. with a phone like this i’m sorted, i really am.
and sorted he was, it was perfectly right for him to say so; having signed up with the company in order to receive this phone along with regular updates and occasional upgrades and to be on the list, in the know and out of trouble was the best thing he had done in a long while.
the best thing i did in a long while, said sponge, the others are thinking of signing up, too.

get the box file

now, said sponge to breadroll who had cornflakes instead of porridge, now: here’s the deal. you go over to the viewers’ association with this box file and the day that’s in it for review. they want to impose sanctions on us but first want to make sure we would be able to comply with them.

we get a lot of distraction here

q: would you say you can focused better in a world where stimuli are rather rare?
a new sound, said breadroll, a subtle variation. what was it i wanted to say?
no idea, said block of wood.
something about the poetry, said breadroll, of sound but nothing i assume i haven’t said before.
this consistence is what i love, said block of wood.

getting days wrong

not saying anything, said breadroll, won’t get you anywhere.
neither will saying something, said block of wood.
the bus will though, said breadroll.
only if he decides to get up and get going, said block of wood.
i won’t be going anything anywhere, said sponge, that’s next week. or tomorrow. i don’t remember.
o, tomorrow, is it, said breadroll.
or next week, said block of wood.
they were looking forward to an entire day spent laughing and talking about the little lapse.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.