something gives nothing the end of the day

and we are sure, said sponge, that it came to nothing? Absolutely nothing?
breadroll said nothing.
i take that as a witty comment, said sponge. doesn’t really add to the topic. so nothing it is. that’s something. at least we are certain an outcome, a result, something to show with with a precise certainty. for i am going to stop talking right now and here and that’ll be the end.
you weren’t going to trust me, were you. that’s a silly ending, just like that. it has happened before though. nothing to show for it as we plod along, for certain. we could queue somewhere for a rest.
we could.
a lengthy dialog develops and fades out. they say nothing.

something sometimes got to give

so there will be a meeting of sorts, sponge inquired. thank you for inquiring, the train person said, but i regret to say that we’d like to keep this confidential. it’s commercially sensitive. he emphasised commercially to stress the importance. it’s important so, said sponge. very, the train person said. i apologise for the inconvenience caused, if that helps, as a matter of policy.
the train person, a flimsy man with thick red brushy hair, got up from his chair and turned to go. you’d be better off getting a bus, if they was one, he said.

between cushion and pillow, who gives a toss

so, said sponge, you thought it should be a cushion and breadroll thought it was a hat.
that’s right, said block of wood.
and breadroll, said sponge, wanted it to be a pillow.
cushion, i think, yes, said block of wood.
that’s mad, said sponge.

gissus a hug

completely forgot to comment on yesterday’s sunrise. said sponge.
too late now, said breadroll.
better now, said sponge.
than never, said block of wood.
that’s us, said sponge, back on target. i can feel the vibes moving synergetically, can you?
one acknowledged, the other summarised. obviously all would be wrapped up nicely in a report and send off for review and all that shit.

perhaps you can give me an update

and, said breadroll, you certainly heard something in that direction?
what do you mean, said sponge.
not the, said breadroll, other direction?
i think, said block of wood, he means because of your asymmetrical ears, because they are asymmetrical, it may have been some other direction, perhaps.
or a different direction, said breadroll.
i see, said sponge.
what about your eyes, said breadroll.

his innovative power gives progress use and meaning

clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean, said breadroll, on whom the innovative power of sponge had made an impression.
that’s a novel idea indeed, he said when he peaked into the bathroom.
now, that’s fine, said breadroll cleaning himself with sponge, why don’t you put some spreadsheets on the table in the meantime.
there aren’t any. all populated, updated and reviewed.
is there tea?
there is.
proceeding they made good progress.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.