another cup of coffee for i go

i’m off, said someone and did really get up and went. someone had offered him another cup of tea but he said he wanted coffee as he was going. not a good reason for a coffee. someone wanted to bring a cup of coffee but the other didn’t want to wait. i’ll be rushing, someone said and was off. he just went without a cup of coffee or a goodbye. such was the rush that he didn’t finish his tea. he had ordered a beer, not tea. the waitress had got it wrong and brought a rhum instead to apologise, that was policy. all a bit confusing. sponge had not been there and couldn’t quite remember.

from passion to passion people go on posters

when they had a leg of lamb, and joe said he didn’t like it and mary tried to make peace but it was too late joe had already left the place, had packed all his stuff, which wasn’t much, and left. just like that. mary followed, all the time trying to talk sense into joe. they wandered around, took it easy and did some music gigs on market places to get get some coins for food until the police came to beat the holy crap out of them and they always decided to move on, who wouldn’t, until they came in to this idyllic village, which they both liked, and that’s where they settled.
there was no mention of the leg of lamb or the lord.
or beef on the bone.
joe got friendly with the publican and helped out every now and then, got free drink for it. one night he didn’t pull out in time or so they think, anyway, it happened: baby jesus was underway. they were pissed off with each other and got pissed. that night they decided to stay together and have the baby despite the excellent reputation of the roman angelmaker as joe pointed out. mary rubbished him; some of mary’s friends pretty face an ugly makeover.
they decided to stay together and have the baby. you believe that. GETOGETHER everydays 10ish. weekends on appointment.
great story, said sponge, but too much text for an advertisement. that won’t work. people will hardly notice let alone go for it.

to go to end to terminate

to go, to have went, that is what brekst said, said sponge, herr brekst. i should go and ask the question.
but he doesn’t know it, said breadroll.
maybe i do, said sponge, i am super.
how about the cartoon characters they used on tv to show the offally stuff. pretty awesome. that’s these guys look now from a certain angle.

brekst is not an easy man to go

i have another one, brekst said, and brekst read out:

feel embarrassment when joining her in bedroom?
forget the feeling, become her best partner ever!
we know what’s needed for your case.
natural hardness and boosted drive.

that’s so natural, one of the bystanders said.
o shut up, said sponge, what do you know?
the bystander, a mother of two, was disgusted and left. poetry does have o struggle in this country, brekst knew to add.

let’s go let’s go (they did not move)

once again the sun shone on the alternative, for the sake of it, that was very much like the corner before. sponge had a scarf wrapped around his neck, copycat, for no other reason than today being today and the day that was in it; he stood there, nervously rocking back and forth and starred at the window of the shop.
breadroll sang: around the corner we go and around and around till we’re round and you’re round and we all drop like flies at the corner and around and around we go … an old carvery rhyme or nursery song, written in the country’s barbaric tongue.
we’re here now, said block of wood, the corner shop.
is this the corner shop or a corner shop, said sponge.
i wouldn’t know, said block of wood. it is a corner shop.
what did he say, said sponge, which corner shop? did he give further advice? they say they are selling chairs.
no, said block of wood. i’d love a monster munch. or these ripply things.
so it may not be this shop at all at all?
we should look at other corners. shop around.
we could.
let’s go so.
that’s what i think. —— sound. a very poetic word. this language, i add three dots …

day to night we go

what a day they will say when it will end tonight, said sponge, but there is some time until then.

when soccer stars go semi-private

look, said sponge, is that him?
is it a politician, said block of wood.
no no, said breadroll, it is a lump of lard. just left there in the open beside the carpark just like that; a little lump.
they closed the curtains. constantly being reminded other people’s misery, said sponge.

and around as in round and around we go

if i say now, said sponge, that’s it for the year it’ll be seen as one of those jokes one used to crack as a child: i shall not wash again for the yearshall not shave again for the year or mother not wanting to cook again in this year, jokes ill-perceived just one or two days later, but that’ll be it, it for the year and no joke.

there we go again

very politically uncorrect the titles have got, said breadroll, recently.
very, said sponge. ————————
there was a sudden and lenghty pause that neither could bridge.

around we go

and when the spectator looked again, the three were gone.
djkghdriu, he said, dkjfhdfdfrosx, qwerty.
the three had made a move around the corner.
so we did, said sponge.
breadroll and block of wood had nothing to say. they kept quiet. very good, excellent. as this is what happened we should call it a day.

others went before

shall we go, said sponge, motionless
let’s go, said breadroll. he does not move.
we can’t, said block of wood.
why not, said breadroll.
just because, said block of wood. besides, he said, others went before us and see where it got them. he pointed at the man.
motion ban, said sponge.
i see, said breadroll.
what, said sponge.
the man is closing up the sheep, said breadroll, fair enough i suppose. he has been here for quite a while.

go on i dare you

the way, said sponge, did not turn out to be as bendy as we anticipated, we should adjust our forecast, and generally speaking we are making good progress…
excellent progress, said breadroll.
excellent progress, that’s right, thank you, and we all are more than well prepared for putting one foot ahead of the other. i am aware that this may be seen as a bit of a challenge, however, i am also confident that we will master this challenge – even though the training could have been better.
blokk beat sponge, and sponge beat breadroll – for the sake of it.
after briefly discussing the reasons for aforementioned activities they continued on their way, step step.

go for it

go for it baxter, breadroll said, but there was nobody and nothing baxter could go for. there was no baxter either.
sponge and block of wood instead did not move.

breadroll go for it

i usually get depressed, said breadroll, but i tend not to mind to much, mind being one of the buzz words, i guess. do i mind would i mind?
a slit and butter could be stuffed in but there is no butter, only buts. if we could roll office chair over me at least, breadroll feebles.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.