watching well going into worse

it was the same day or another. same loneliness, different day. or so we thought.
didn’t we, said sponge.
think we did, said breadroll.
me too, said block of wood.
all in a sudden everything seemed cute; still lonely though but that’s the scheme of thing.

soon we are going to be talking about tomorrow soon

soon. soon soon. repeat. soon.
hours of endless fun said sponge. but soon soon. what will happen? a solution for ravaged offally and its endangered locals. does anyone know where offally is? soon. and so li’eve bloom. where the toilet is. meanwhile we keep looking for a shop. with stuff in it. for sale.
daft little writ, said breadroll. no-one will notice.
a morning dawned, no flavoured coffee around, no office furiture. the simple life at corners. short sentences. tomorrow things’ll better.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.