anything is good for something in the end

the thought of having to come up with something, anything, was too much. i can’t bear that, said sponge. breadroll entered the room and sat down. you are very formal today, said sponge, entering the room, like that. other people just come in. other people, as breadroll replied, also simply had enough, rather than claiming to be unable to bear an event or location. true, said sponge. they waited. perhaps something happens, said sponge, so that we do not have to come up with something. or anything at all, said breadroll, which, as they agreed, was a good way to end the conversation.

be good and do right

placed firmly on the moral highchair sponge felt smug and in mood for comments. who to comment on when nobody is around? lecture the odd toe? ask whether lecturing fingers may be more sensible? place another question mark in the shortness that is this story? do the right thing, the voice said and ye shall be rewarded.
who are you, said sponge.
an apparition, the voice said. mother mary today and cousin keith another. your shadow and your shade. they are selling tickets over there. thank you, said sponge. 30 euro, the voice said, to support the laden. a bargain. a word for the stricken for only 10 euro extra.

a queue is all we need for good order

look at that, said sponge, they are all waiting. peacefully in peace. not a bother.
a queue, said breadroll.
i can see that, said sponge.
proper order, said breadroll.

good things may happen with a decision of one or three

want 1 inch more or 3 more inches? you decide, all for six euro. special price. be honest.
to be honest, i wouldn’t know to be honest, said sponge, my day just isn’t long enough. even now when i don’t see the office that often anymore, the outside from time to time but you know how buildings look like after a while. no way i am going to decide on that, that for sure. i wonder if i’m the only one listening to that man.
the man was slight, tracksuited, and had his hair combed over. nice watch, new car. he left without without a trace. not certain that he ever was there.

herr brekst would know better

we are a dew, a whiff, a shadow. and what are our meadows but a herbal angstish tree?
herr brekst said this beautifully and almost without an accent.
sponge applauded, so did breadroll. block of wood was using the facilities. they were still stuck in dun laoghaire.

good things come to a grinding halt too

nothing new nothing, the sun thought in her rare moments, i should go but i can’t. have to wait around until people are fed and go to bed again. even then some can’t keep still.
sponge hadn’t move much. breadroll a little bit more. they weren’t saying much. people passed by at normal speed and paid no attention.

breadroll, sponge and block of wood are wishing people all the best

that’ll be it now, he said, let’s have a rest. a rest but not a rust.
let alone a roast.
ha ha, very witty indeed.
now, we are about to end a week although we just started a day, a line as from a ballad, some nu romance stuff, said sponge , we just say goodbye and godspeed.
which has no limits.
ha ha very witty indeed.
the day then passed without special notice.

a long good bye bit

we start again:
i shall leave, herr brekst said, now, as he had only made an appearance, the meter is running.
sponge asked to be taken to the next corner but his request was turn down. he tried to prolong his (herrn brekst’s) stay otherwise to no avail. herr brekst was gone again. that was quick.

sake’s sake at best

you wouldn’t get more support than that; and support is important. that a lump of wisdom block of wood had uttered last night but we decided to fit it in.

one stick is better than no stick at all

we won’t get far with only one stick.
bummer. i was hoping to.
nothing. i suppose one can’t be witty all the time.
no. one cannot.

a first line for there is no better one

they did ask me, said breadroll to make the first line and that is exactly what i did — right now i did it. not that i did not do exactly the same thing before but that is a second line now which i believe everyone has been waiting for.
he loiters for a while.

inflated is a better living

q: i hope we are fnnnn all better now.
a: you know the other day i really felt today it’ll open. when the drawer eventually opened, you know what i mean.
q: there was a presence wasn’t there.
a: there was.

they are good at having a big mouth

some people are not good at anything, said breadroll, at least they try, although it sometimes would be better they they wouldn’t.
he held a candle for no apparent reason and was very aware of that fact.
a candle to remember things, he said. fat woman or fat lady, for example, man or mouse, with regard to episode featuring the former, lions led by donkeys, in case we do something in that area. as you see our future plans are vision-packed. we ourselves are viewer-focussed, and all that should please the audience.

it would have been better we had put her in a spreadsheet

what happened to the fat lady, said sponge, i wonder.
fat woman, said breadroll.
yes, what happened.
no idea, said breadroll and scratched his crust, block of wood was dealing with her.
i see, said sponge, we lost track of her, didn’t we?
she promised to ring, said block of wood, or email.
cc me in, said sponge, i love to be kept in the loop.
that was a fairly civil conversation, said breadroll.
it was, wasn’t it, said sponge.

good if you could

nah neither today we can’t errr, couldn’t, said sponge, if we wanted to. honestly, couldn’t if you’d paid us.
it was a fine morning, the sun hidden behind clouds, hence not too bright, no birds screaming either, a nice and pale grey morning; all set for an episode.
impossible, said breadroll, could not bring myself to do it. neither could block of wood; isn’t that right?
correct, said block of wood.

sponge is good with people

wet sponges suck, dry sponges bounce. yesterday today tomorrow. tomorrow it always better as it has no day in it that could be bad. you see what it mean.
tomorrow? that what everyone says.
and i agree, said sponge.

a start is only as good as it gets

a start, said sponge is only as good as the innovative thoughts that drive the continuation to a successful conclusion within competitive business targets. hence we are required to include syllables in the count.
count them?
yes. count them.
are you sure.
we didn’t get any training on syllables though, said breadroll.
not recently anyway, said block of wood.
alright, said sponge, we should mention that in the next meeting. there’s definitely an update.

good morn

o head so sore and wounded, said block of wood. twas a good whacking.
it was indeed said breadroll, indeed it was, but i don’t know much to say.
i do not have much to say for myself, said sponge.
neither, said block of wood.
that’s a good thing, said sponge, we have all items we need to list. no need to come up with some.

a good friday

it is friday and a good one, too, said breadroll.
we may as well go home, said block of wood, it all seems to be shuttered and barred.
that’s the way to go, most defo, said sponge. alas, they all felt and agreed that it was too early to leave or drop a punch line.
there be no drinking now tonight, said sponge, as our lord was cruzified today and you didn’t see him falling all over the place and be all rowdy.
there was no pub in the area either, said breadroll, and the pints were cheaper. probably larger as well. traditional pints after all, none of that modern stuff.
speaking of which, said block of wood, they sell a fabulous soup in the pub over there.
exactly, said sponge.
let’s have some soup, said block of wood.
that’s a brilliant idea, said sponge, after all it’s friday and it’s a good one.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.