more ham and less paper

“more taxis, less brag”, the people cried, “more taxis, less brag”, as the general election were nigh, and politician were generally nice and promising, almost rock’n’roll but not quite but rock’n’roll is flexible and in the move. getting there.
more taxis would have helped us during the motion ban, said sponge, much more than actually did and certainly more than the government is bragging about.
which explains the public opinion. that’s what sponge said who shares an opinion on these things.

ham sweet ham

isn’t that lovely said sponge, we sit here and have breakfast. outside the sun could shine, the birds sing and the buses be on time. what more can one expect?
breadroll said, a little bit of butter would not have been considered gluttony.
that’s right, said block of wood, and pig thighs for the meeting.
did you prepare anything, said sponge.
a neatly spread sheet, said block of wood.
breadroll bathed in margarine. no beer, he said.
everything comes to an innovative conclusion when your visions are focused, said the calender’s entry for the day.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.