to say something is sometimes harder than other times

what can i say, said sponge. people walking up and down the street, relentlessly. sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t and when they fall, they sometimes get up again to fall once more and other times they simply had it. a man went home from work once, he worked nearby in a shop, but the shop was in difficulties, he didn’t know that then, but they would let him go, without final pay, and he would have to go work somewhere else, where he couldn’t walk home anymore during lunch to see his wife, who would have left him by then as she couldn’t stand him being unemployed. he used to walk home and didn’t fall once. his wife quizzed him but he said no he didn’t fall, which was true.
i really don’t know what else to say, said sponge. not easy to make a point.

change is hardest to come by

you’ve got to be nice, said sponge. a nice thing to say but an unsuitable start for a conversation as people think you want to ask for change.
nice day, any spare change on you. questions you don’t ask right in front of the bookies. next: to practise conversation.

finding a name is the hardest bit

saggapuss is a nice name, said breadroll and sniggered.
between sagga and saba’a is a mile of a difference, said sponge.
that’s true, said breadroll, as well as between sagga and sock.

brief me brief me hard and long

when fishburger turns up, the man said, brief him on this and that but don’t be easy on him, he needs to know. the man said that and went away, was gone.
he will not turn up, said breadroll, and if he does, he’ll be stuck into the spreadsheets, not a chance to launch a joke.
if we had a good one, said sponge, it’ll be wasted.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.