just to say something would not help now

q: and, i believe, the soldiers’ arrival was not helpful either for your attempts to leave this very corner?
a: noe, not at all.
q: i see. fnnnnn. —— i hate those breaks, too, you know. not very helpful you know.
a: i know. those breaks. nothing to say for yourself, you close your eyes and when you open those googles of yours again there is still nothing to say, not a spark.
lights on but seemingly nobody there, said breadroll.

tits would help sell if it was not for the obstacles

ti, sponge, that’s it backwards. much better — preferable; less offensive that way as there could be breasts all over the place. it’s, that swings tits in it, doesn’t it. [pause. in a perfectly clean breakfest scenario breadroll and block of wood are having breakfast. a healthy breakfast not a stealthy one as a man needs to do a man’s day work] —– it’s, you’d see them swinging, wouldn’t you. that would not be right.

help us

silence had the episode and its inhabitants in her iron grip.
pheeeew eew eeeee ewwww pheeeeeeeew toktok knok nokk pheeeeeeeeoooow ooooow tokrok tokk togg
(all they could manage …).
calls to the international community had been fruitless; nobody seemed to be at home or otherwise contactable, things would probably less desparate if creationism or islam or scientology had taken hold of this entertainment crew and their regular show. all by smart design.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.