ideas of an idea

there are a lot of things we could do, said sponge, if we thought about it.
if we put our mind to it, said breadroll.
if we would get up to it, said block of wood.
effortlessly, said sponge.

the idea

what are, said sponge, you doing?
counting, said breadroll, sheep backwards; to wake me up.
nifty, said sponge.
my secret weapon, said breadroll.
short dialogue. done.

to pick up an old idea

po et ry.
pooo entries.
pope’s entry.
pop try.
that’s quite enough, herr brekst, said sponge, quite sufficient as well.
do you think so, said herr brekst.
positive, said sponge, everyone’s left; except me. and you.
herr brekst took a cup. do you want tea, he said. sponge did not want tea. i could make coffee. however, sponge did not want coffee either.
the morning had a hard time taking off.

i have an idea

at least i should make the effort, don’t care what they use it for, said sponge.
to make more efforts, said breadroll.
block of wood turn into a moment and lingered for a while.

innovation, inspiration and fresh ideas

fresh, clean, said sponge.
nothing like a freshly homemade day, said block of wood.
nothing like it, said breadroll. if we got this patented we would have a patent on it. exciting, novel.
feel like the ideas are pouring in as we speak, said sponge, i feel a phantastic subject line coming up. go ahead.
they went ahead.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.