loops end indeed

definitely turkish delight. if anything is definite than that particular flavour, said sponge. the soapy finish. legend. yes. we wait. and make a report. we have something to tell. but they wanted them short, an overview of things. just brush over items. breeze through issues. ah well, going forward. turkish delight.
it could be caramel, said breadroll. never, said sponge. we wait and see.

it was a bit over the top indeed

block of wood would not get away with it this time. all these good words now, none of them could change it. ——
an inquiry with a view of getting special consultants in at a later stage was launched to thoroughly investigate the matter before these consultants could be involved but after a shile everyone got very confused and the whole case was dropped. one agreed, however, to issue a stern warning.

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