inflate or deflate or put on another show

breath in, said sponge, you look too thin. your head looks big. breath out. your old self. don’t hold your breath. that’s my advice. then again, you might hold your breath for something. or someone. there’s a queue. wait a minute. that will be a short story, that there is the end.

inflated is a better living

q: i hope we are fnnnn all better now.
a: you know the other day i really felt today it’ll open. when the drawer eventually opened, you know what i mean.
q: there was a presence wasn’t there.
a: there was.

-flate: de & in

i hope it was a low fat fag, said sponge.
fat sheep are not a pleasant sight, said block of wood.
no they’re not. not at all they are, said sponge.
i agree, the man said, if you are interested in an agreement. shall i deflate it a bit?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.