some incidents are just for nothing

i’ve never seen a heart attack, said sponge.
you mean someone having one, said breadroll. of course. the other day, on the train. that man just got sick. oh yes, disgusting, all down his coat. he took it well. until they threw him out. no, he didn’t like that a bit. he was very upset. ran after the train and all. and against a tree. no, he fell. oh yes.
i tried to use that in a presentation or so but it didn’t fit in, said sponge. don’t worry. something else will come up.
doesn’t really look like an office around here.
it never does. that the whole point.

a story mentioning terror just for publicity

that’s pure terr’r, said sponge. they just cancelled the train.
to cancel.
to make void. revoke. annul. to cancel a reservation for instance, or to decide or announce that a planned event will not take place after all although the usual freeloaders and hagers-on will turn up any way. call off what should never have been on, to cancel a meeting with an somebody one hasn’t met. to mark or perforate (a postage stamp, admission ticket, a condom) so as to render invalid for reuse. neutralize; counterbalance; compensate for. reach out.
i will make a book one day, said sponge only with words in it. on terror.

so say just for the fun would you like to have sex with me

the next joke will be a fart joke and it will mention the war, children will be harmed and there will be great disaster. we may ask for your help and support. but we will be fine after all. that is a promise. you can take that as a pledge, of sorts. we just need some understanding. some excitement. we need your trust to the point where we need you to actually rely on us.
breadroll never had a thing for cheap beer but rarely found shops that had anything on offer but.

just because a breadroll thickens a pie

just because of that, said breadroll, just beacause.
exactly, said sponge, sadly, just because.

just for brekst to interupt

you know, herr brekst said, i hate this. i was supposed to appear and make an appearance, say something, and first and foremost get a question answered. so?
errm, though one, sponge said, to bargain some time. we shall have some change, shan’t we?
a song, toe, thee,

brekst sulcess
lose weight guardian scrotum convey.
male enlargement fracture gauze arragon.

you’ve tried all the rest, now try the be st? recumbent nightgown
the or igi.nal….male enlargement desk fickle dexterity.

doorknob, flooded his ears.

so so we just ask

q: and how did this soldiers come about?
a: that to tell would indeed require an extraordinary rendition on our part — and we’re not budgeted for that right now.
answer to give the sarge would be required who unfortunately was busy supervising the occasional rape and pillage. this is the plight with fullscale engagements, they are fast-paced and implemented decisions as they come up, however it should be soon over as this corner is rather unevenful, unlikely they will find anything massively destructive here.
fnnn. add a quote:-

the art of war, then, is governed by five constant
factors, all to factored in and to be taken into account
in one’s deliberations —and then to squeeze a fuck in between the factoring by ways other than mispelling but we get carried away now—,
when seeking to determine the
conditions obtaining in the field between harvests and serious battles.
these are plain bold: (1) the moral law and the immoral one and the other one; (2) heaven and hell and mary and joseph; (3) planet earth;
(4) the commander as such; (5) policies and compliance.

rarely we get such impressive quotes.

just to say something would not help now

q: and, i believe, the soldiers’ arrival was not helpful either for your attempts to leave this very corner?
a: noe, not at all.
q: i see. fnnnnn. —— i hate those breaks, too, you know. not very helpful you know.
a: i know. those breaks. nothing to say for yourself, you close your eyes and when you open those googles of yours again there is still nothing to say, not a spark.
lights on but seemingly nobody there, said breadroll.

just another definition will not change it

pronounced change of form and change of structure taking place within a comparatively short period of time otherwise known as a whiff, add of time as needed, as the changes undergone by an everyman in passing from the larval to the adult stage where he or she makes him- or indeed herself seen without warning. thus spoke sponge and he added that the roll should back indeed shortly.

just another episode

sponge, breadroll and block of wood wanted to go on holidays but that’s a different story.
if you think the story so far — with a view to its unspectacular ending — is not funny we can assure you that it was neither intended nor designed to be funny.
different story altogether.

just a drop

a small drop of coffee had been left on the table. hardly recognisable its excistence had never been acknowledged but it was there — until sponge wiped it away (apparently utterly unaware of his doing).
feedback — asked for and provided:
we only ever have tea, said block of wood.
i was not aware of what i was doing, said sponge, you know what i’m saying.
you know yourself, said breadroll.

just out of interest

when you say there was a chance, said sponge, how much of a chance is it?
fully featured, said block of wood, with bells and whistles.
what are they for, said breadroll.
to annouce whatever happened, said block of wood.
a lonely breeze whistled around the corner. that’s not it, said block of wood.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.