if you don’t know what to say say something

distinction rather than extinction, said sponge, is what our company is after. i’ve chosen those words carefully yet there are weaknesses in detail. he looked around the everexpanding room. breadroll sat on a chair that once had been near the middle of the room. why does this room have to grow bigger every minute, he said, i can’t here you. can we not have ideas of our own? in russia rooms used to expand, it happened once, but here?
ah well, said sponge, people don’t know that bit about russia, not many people.

herr brekst would know better

we are a dew, a whiff, a shadow. and what are our meadows but a herbal angstish tree?
herr brekst said this beautifully and almost without an accent.
sponge applauded, so did breadroll. block of wood was using the facilities. they were still stuck in dun laoghaire.

tomorrow is a term that does not know itself

tomorrow another day, said breadroll, and was corrected by sponge. another day perhaps but a day where we did want to do something special.
tjae such days, said breadroll.
the meeting then faded and nobody knew really about tomorrow anymore. we could do more with this subject.

brekst will know be the answer perhaps

i would be the one with the question i don’t remember, said herr brekst and sniffled. i have a poem and a question. no answer. what would you like first?
in terms of surrondings, our protagonists are very much floating nowhere at all; no location has been described or specified. hence the obsession with dialogue. if there was moreto see we would have more description of things to fill the lines and add some content.
i would go for the poem but the question has been long promised long time ago, said sponge.

a new day before you know it

a brief description of the scene’s static elements, followed a series of fnnnnnnns and …
q: but how do you do it? cohesive correlations of contra countercohesion seems to be a rather complex matter that you nonetheless master without problems at all.
a: that’s right.
q: our viewers certainly would be interested in that matter.
a: arent’t they always, the nosy buggers.
q: brown nosers.
a: curious cacs.
further description of the scene’s static elements as well as states of the dynamic ones.

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