some incident of lament and no escape

how do you feel about circles, dimensions and circles and seemingly same sensations? not good. dotcom. it rained. lightly but steadily, a constant spray.
we could all start with a narrative, said sponge, that’s quite something.
i think we’ve been here before. i must admit i feel so-so without a compass. and then with this whole book thing, that puts some pressure on all of us.

sponge lament

we have issues to discuss and we don’t do it.
we have meeting to attend and we don’t do it.
we have reports to file and we don’t do it.
what are we doing, said sponge.
tea, said block of wood.
yesplease, said sponge.
we are brilliant with the old paper clip, said breadroll.
that’s right actually, said sponge, forgot about that. so, that’s on the positive side then.
3 that in one sentence, said breadroll.
3 in 3, said block of wood.
that’s acceptable, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.