more lashings of lard

remember, said sponge. hello. hello hello. hello. two hellos there and two hellos back in return.
that was a knife attack.
yes, it was, funny, when you think back.
quite, said breadroll, the old days. the fat lady sung and the phone never rung. deliveries never arrived and everybody did with less. crime, punishment, all real back then. i liked butter but that’s not on these days. no, siad sponge, all the carbs could kill you.

fatty lashings

hello. hello hello. hello.
sponge handed out two hellos and received two hellos back in return. breakeven. not bad, he said.
not too bad, said breadroll.
certainly not said sponge.
so, said breadroll, you’re back then.
was he away, said block of wood.
he wasn’t, said breadroll, that’s just something one does ask out of courtesy. it’s called making conversation. you learn this stuff in tree school, don’t you?
block of wood accepted the explanation, however, in a parallel world blokk (known as) slashed breadroll with a knife (the most suitable tool for the specific task) to apply lashings of butter and jam and later ask for further clarification.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.