and so long beards grow in the spirit of things

another week passed and time stood still in fastslow passing. sponge grew a beard and breadroll a fungus that looked like a beard. that’s how it goes. said sponge, we’ve been good and are being rewarded with growth. bit itchy though, said breadroll. that’s to keep us on our toes, said sponge. we must not become complacent.

short won’t last long

short, snappy sentences, said sponge, get you places.
do you think so, said breadroll.
yes, said sponge, anyway, they’ll shorten the wait for the end.
they’ll be through the report in no time and want another one.

a new day lasts as long as the old one

if you think you’ve been here before, you’re right, said sponge, but it won’t help. the end of the platform is just its beginning. you’ll take it from there; you’ll move on.
the setting of the train station’s shopping mall provides an impressive backdrop for these words. it was an ordinary shopping mall. shops and drunks and security staff. time drawn to thin lines, ringing in the breath of the passer-by. lashings, beatings, joy and sadness. bitterness.
bitterness adds negativity to the setting, said breadroll, though people ought to be positive. about things and stuff.

long big worded sentences

whatever metaphor we come up with, said sponge, it’ll pale in view of the obvious and strike fear into the heart of the uninitiated. herr brekst, back as back can be, was asleep, fast. he didn’t react. won’t react. said breadroll. never really does this day and time. i remember, i saw him doing it. if you can’t trust your eyes, said breadroll, how good is your memory. better i suppose. suppose not, said breadroll with a finishing gaze. oh fate, said sponge. big words were never their forte.

long words and definitions

herr brekst walked into a cafe (with a short sentence on his lips). these things happen, in a same thing, different day sort of manner. he saw a man. he, the man, drank coffee. a suitable activity but that is another thing; we won’t talk about it now, at this point. they used to celebrate, brekst said, back in the middle ages, more than we would think, if we think about them at all that is. most of the time we don’t. the train people had received some cash as a bonus. the short sentence skirting his lips in brackets had disappeared like a flap dragon.
it’ll be a while now, said sponge, until these train people get back on track.
they are on schedule though. but schedule is a long word, might be a while to be through.
they have a rigid definition, they’ll be on track soon.

away a long time coming

they boarded a train that would serve all stations to bray (as the saying goes).
imagine that, said sponge, it sums it all up.

and that minutes take longer is only logical

that sounds classified, said sponge, but no need paranoid.
no, said breadroll. and we have moved somehow. but the minutes may take hours.
that’s a sad pun, said sponge, we should get a mascot for that.

a long good bye bit

we start again:
i shall leave, herr brekst said, now, as he had only made an appearance, the meter is running.
sponge asked to be taken to the next corner but his request was turn down. he tried to prolong his (herrn brekst’s) stay otherwise to no avail. herr brekst was gone again. that was quick.

long words short words

q: clings in with the long titles. the stage had cleared at this stage. people did not remember the words. they were swept up and discarded, the long ones broken into syllables.
the sallytokk staff was hanging around, with beers. not much going on. we shouldn’t have mentioned it. it was really a mellow scene. a few discussed tax implications. no longer words than that.
a: no, not to mention. what can you do? title is title, little to add. it speaks for itself and carries the story like an unwanted growth.

long lines do not stand for anything at all

————— it is up to me i suppose, said sponge, so say it: the episode started rather without significant events, not even the odd bleak sun was to rise over the roofs. ———
this line for example marks a break, herr brekst said and points vaguely at sponge, between sponge’s part and mine.

long lines stand for something

long lines stand for deep thought in printed media, herr brekst said, to show what’s going on and that it is going on inside people’s heads, or what should go on (nothing, more often than not). it also stands for a longer pause (brackets are popular, too, to express thought). you didn’t think that, did you. ——————— bet you didn’t. ——————— me neither (as in would have thought so(. there you go, wonders everywhere but this episode still strikes me as somewhat unfinished.

a long way for the climber

hard to say, said sponge, block of wood once tried to hump a pitchfork. a disaster, as you may imagine.
indeed, said block of wood, but that was long ago, before we met like. nothing on file there.
there wasn’t, was there, said breadroll.
the sugar lump almost made it.
almost, said sponge.

brief me brief me hard and long

when fishburger turns up, the man said, brief him on this and that but don’t be easy on him, he needs to know. the man said that and went away, was gone.
he will not turn up, said breadroll, and if he does, he’ll be stuck into the spreadsheets, not a chance to launch a joke.
if we had a good one, said sponge, it’ll be wasted.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.