a lot of things

sponge shivered. he did this a lot. he listen to music. stared out the window. wished he had a phone to hold that never rings. waiting for the call, maybe a text, some message. music. soso there we go again, another day’s dawn and dance and dusk again.
i wasn’t really listening, he said. if we could repeat that please.

a lot done more to do

q: politicised titles to episodes seem to be a new way of expression?
a: an expression of way.
q: out?
a: off.
they hadn’t gone far. not gone at all to be honest. they had planned to though, honestly. but i saw a man, said breadroll, with a large face and tiny dolly lips as if he was sucking a stone. he wore a pin-stripped suit. he was a banker. wouldn’t it make you think if you knew your banker is sucking stones?

we get a lot of distraction here

q: would you say you can focused better in a world where stimuli are rather rare?
a new sound, said breadroll, a subtle variation. what was it i wanted to say?
no idea, said block of wood.
something about the poetry, said breadroll, of sound but nothing i assume i haven’t said before.
this consistence is what i love, said block of wood.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.