meaning, cowboy, that is when you pay for the drinks

meaning, known what it is all about wanting to you must be, my words, marksman, said sponge.
not know i whot thy spaketh, said soldier said, quath ye thinket m’sarge?
sergeant sarge, never too sure whether being addressed properly or slagged on the sly, pretended to look out for potential primary target, his back to the private, while trying to find his line. i know son, he said eventually and turned slightly, tis bleedingly hard hardship spoken mili’tree spake tis foe sure. meaning seeking is of ours and if thous expect shouting and shanting fear not you shall as us eat with knifes and forks us use.
jolly good, said sponge.

meaning as in meaning it

q: as in fnnnn.
a: what? you didn’t ask me that, if i interpret you correctly that is.
q: i didn’t, you do, isn’t it? always the matter. did it come as a surprise.
a: no, not really. it was pretty predictable. we knew they would react like this and were prepared.
q: that is always something, to be prepared i mean. i really mean it.
a: it is.
there was some pushing and shoving going on which we missed, sadly enough. we didn’t understand the answer. either. but there it was.

the smallest unit of meaning

presenter looks deranged, derailed and crooked
q: a fat man, very large, ended up sitting beside me this morning on the train.
interupting a: a fat woman by any chance?
q: no, certainly a fat man.
a: what a shame.
meanwhile outside:
a shame indeed, ladies and gentlemen, said breadroll, we missed her by a syllable.

not the smallest unit of meaning

herr brekst sat on a chair, and so did sponge; breadroll and block of wood were nowhere to be seen. neutral location. deserted.
herr brekst did not say a word (including: morpheme, phoneme), nor did sponge; breadroll and block of wood were nowhere to be heard.  silence. no coughing. void of clocks.
the previous sentences are quite similiar in structure. we would continue to defy diversity if it was not for this episode to be over.

his innovative power gives progress use and meaning

clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean, said breadroll, on whom the innovative power of sponge had made an impression.
that’s a novel idea indeed, he said when he peaked into the bathroom.
now, that’s fine, said breadroll cleaning himself with sponge, why don’t you put some spreadsheets on the table in the meantime.
there aren’t any. all populated, updated and reviewed.
is there tea?
there is.
proceeding they made good progress.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.