when ends meet and again

so it goes, said sponge, year in, year out, on and on, same syntax.
to go on: on looking back ‘on’, the word, reads ‘no’.
elderly ladies will fall out of windows once more, or twice, will tumble down, go on. get up, swiftly clean their clothes and go about their business, go on, get on with things.
we don’t to worry about that, said sponge, everything will fall in the right place. with breadroll’s agreement they spent the day this way or the other. nothing happened. but that is different story.

to meet the train people

to ask, to dare. who wouldn’t. and who would? the train man would look at the ticket, would nod and out? he would look at the ticket, and again, and compare with what, and look at the ticket once more, just to make sure, would say no, no return, no can’t get back in, cunt, he wouldn’t use those words. off you go the train man says.
sounds easy enough, said sponge. who wouldn’t try.
hang on, the train man says, wait a second, let me see again.
not necessarily, said breadroll. there could be complications.
freedom is just another word for a day spent outside a train company’s detention cell. and i shall protect your freedom by locking you in the bogs. the man seems satisfied with his decision.

meet the man

i think i take out my phone, said sponge.
i tend to object, said a man, most assertively, i assumed doing something with phones was not the same as taking out one’s phone and hence have to decline. the latter usually invites texts being sent for no reason to the unsuspecting victim briefing it of answers to questions that never had been asked.
i think i open up a spreadsheet and have it all in front of me on the computer, said sponge and did so. he stared at a conglomerate of numbers he could not figure out and acted utterly unupset about not having been told about the spreadsheet’s existence. fullstop.

ready to meet

sun up, sky on; a perfect setting for a new day.
i am ready as far as i am concerned, said block of wood, to meet a fat lady.
woman, said breadroll.
woman, said block of wood.

meet balls

to sit beside stem and stone in the meeting, breadroll had asked for after he replying to the meeting request.
to give them a good whack in the balls while shaking their hand had been blokk’s desire since 14th december 1999 and he occasionally and casually reminded his companions of that desire of his.
that he would meet them in the car where he was waiting, sponge said, and that they should not make a habit of it.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.