miss mighty might

there she comes again, prodding and plodding, she has to carry, that girl, she really does.
that’s not the one we’ve been discussing earlier, said breadroll. you can save your comments.
nope. that one rarely leaves the house. one day she’ll decide enough is enough and won’t get up anymore. they’ll have to feed her 47 burgers a day just to keep her going.

breadroll makes a point to which sponge agrees but block of wood misses the point but cannot be blamed for it

i once meet a man, said breadroll, who did a walk as in a few paces every single morning. or should we wait?
good point, said sponge, we are in win-win here. or lose-lose, for that matter. that just be discussed.
tea everyone, said block of wood. he didn’t say it. he expressed it. there was no tea.

we grow to miss inflation

so, said breadroll, it’s me again; but as i say there is always a second line. ————– he waits. well i suppose, he says, there’s no point me hanging around. the first line is done, apologies went it wasn’t funny and that’s me done. ———– he waits. no point really, he says.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.