flat monday mates

did you have a good weekend?
yeah, was great.
what did you get up to?
not much, really, just took it easy.
well, breadroll, you being one of the mtv generation youngsters, what made you do that?
blokk had precautiously applied severely sore looking headlock to sponge who was about to ask further questions and joyfully proceeded to wash the wall with sponge.
why can’t you be a breadnut, he said.


ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present ‘the load of the ruler, the two emails’.
playfully breadroll had worked out this caption, set the breakfast table and freshly squeezed juice in a jar.
in vain, as blokk stabbed him with a buttered knife and sponge watered his crust. that’ll teach him to display a good mood in public.
the public is not ready for that yet, says the chairman, sponge said.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.