one or the other morning

whatever the damage, it will be done, the man said and left the house. he strolled for a bit and came home again. he had a sandwich, plain, frugal. he drank coffee, water, fanta. in that order. he burped. very rude, he said to himself. cheer up, he said but he wouldn’t listen. he never does. pointless, he said. not worth the effort. he left the house. those very the highlights of the day.
another man had his hair cut, got injured, ill, died. but that is a different story.

a quick encounter between dawn and morn

you’ve been away for a long time, said breadroll, a long time indeed. as if the repetition would add emphasis.
more for the rhythm, is it, said sponge.
would you leave again?
definitely, said sponge.

morning morning jokes

go nowhere, must not be going nowhere. the light had shed some clare on the three, but the morning largely went on without them. a shame as it was an interesting morning.

somehow a normal morning

herr brekst broke the silence by saying: that’s the day that’s in it tandaradei.
silence howled, which was unusual, and disappeared, which was expected.
now, said sponge, i think we should be grateful and moving on the agenda.
the plan was accepted. tihio tukk, said breadroll, we can voice ourselves again. what a delightful day is dawning out there and what a nice table is set for us. shall we proceed?
proceeeeed? block of wood thought for a while and agreed. yes proceeeed.
they proceeded with their business and poured tea.

nice morning

is he awake now, said breadroll.
i don’t think, said sponge, you can start an episode with an openening line quite similiar to the one used previously.
no. that’s lazy.
however, it turned out to be a beautiful day after all.

good morn

o head so sore and wounded, said block of wood. twas a good whacking.
it was indeed said breadroll, indeed it was, but i don’t know much to say.
i do not have much to say for myself, said sponge.
neither, said block of wood.
that’s a good thing, said sponge, we have all items we need to list. no need to come up with some.

morning after

why don’t we have cake for breakfast, said block of wood.
don’t you dare, said breadroll.
sponge cleaned the plates of the love nest.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.