let’s go let’s go (they did not move)

once again the sun shone on the alternative, for the sake of it, that was very much like the corner before. sponge had a scarf wrapped around his neck, copycat, for no other reason than today being today and the day that was in it; he stood there, nervously rocking back and forth and starred at the window of the shop.
breadroll sang: around the corner we go and around and around till we’re round and you’re round and we all drop like flies at the corner and around and around we go … an old carvery rhyme or nursery song, written in the country’s barbaric tongue.
we’re here now, said block of wood, the corner shop.
is this the corner shop or a corner shop, said sponge.
i wouldn’t know, said block of wood. it is a corner shop.
what did he say, said sponge, which corner shop? did he give further advice? they say they are selling chairs.
no, said block of wood. i’d love a monster munch. or these ripply things.
so it may not be this shop at all at all?
we should look at other corners. shop around.
we could.
let’s go so.
that’s what i think. —— sound. a very poetic word. this language, i add three dots …

sponge, breadroll and block of wood actually do a move or two

Not far to be honest. around the corner that’s it it. pretty much if you consider. around the corner. so well put in frank english. around the corner. i could say this a thousand times if i had to. but not now. a thousand times. around the corner. fnn. i must oppose to the use of the word err wood and —— actually. now actually, and and actually in a title in the public. sorry for having been having to say taht err that.
fading fnn’s and argue about it.

move it muffin

and herr brekst did move, here and there, to and fro, round and square.
kitchen, empty, decoration, stage.
slumber, they are absent. death would overtake.
you. the power of your gifts would have startled the most advanced electricians (operators)
of the world.
thousandfold, fourfold: combination of laughter.
puss willow’s to be.
this episode will stir things up and rattle a few cages.

still off the move

bottom line is, said sponge, we’re still stuck here at this corner.
due to the motion ban, said breadroll.
and the ban on movements, said block of wood.
that as well, said sponge.
would you like another sheep, the man said, or at least a ewe stand to put it on?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.