movement of sponge

shall we go. said sponge.
we can’t, said breadroll.
that’s right, said sponge, i just wanted to see if you remembered.
i do.
you do, exactly.
we don’t have to sit still though.
no. we can do a few things.
a thing or two.  exactly.
we should carefully plan our next step.
think it through to make a fully considered decision.
that might be very tiring.
i think we should make a move.
but we can’t.
you said that already.
they went to the corner, hesitated, looked around. time to scratch our backs, said sponge. we keep moving that way, dynamically fast-paced, everything to keep the momentum going forward.
we can’t go anywhere, said breadroll, that’s the rule.
we don’t have to sit still though, said sponge, we do have options.
possibilities, said breadroll, we should consider them well.
we should go, said sponge, the other are gone, too. they looked around, the place was empty. i’d say, said breadroll, they’ve never arrived. or have left early, said sponge.
we can’t go just yet.
this would make old ladies jump out the window just like that on tv or in books, said sponge, but it wouldn’t happen in real life. old ladies are firmly seated and generally to squat to reach the window sill even.
unless there’s something to see, said breadroll.

announcing more movement does not set things in motion

i’d really like to get there, the man said and pointed towards the toilet, badly, he said. he got up and ran.
we should get going, said sponge.
two unrelated statements, made at different locations, at or around the same time, followed by diverse implementation.

the bowel movement of offally

only a public toilet near slieve bloom was left, the only facility of that kind, and near the town of slieve bloom it was. not much was left of the town itself, the little that had been was no more, but it didn’t make much of a difference.
outside the toilet, in a long queue, a man, amongst others. surprisingly they had found they way to the town of slieve bloom considering it was off any considerable road but since it was the only place with these sort of facilities in the county it may not come as such a surprise that they all gather here; bar the one to explain all this.
really not him, said breadroll.
a shame, said sponge, we could have asked directions. if we were in offally that is.
but they weren’t there, instead lost in the middle of somewhere on the wait as usual.
as always, said block of wood with a stoney glare.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.