consistency to conclude and breakthrough without much change

there can’t be much left, said sponge. the man has not introduced himself, did he?
no, said btreadroll. we’re still waiting for something.
still waiting, said sponge. after all that.

how much is a muchness

man 1 and man 2 thought long and hard what to do.
man 1 went into politics, man 2 did not. everyone contributed to the first man’s wellbeing, and he was happy. man 2 was unemployed, felt useless and that he was.
i may as well, he said, be a sponge, a breadroll or a block of wood, wouldn’t be much of a muchness.

a mount of things amounts to much

i can see we faint, said sponge, like all of us and all around us. wise words. great chords for exit.
there we go again, said breadroll, i was supposed to say that. things i was supposed to i may never say or never again. imagine.
you haven’t said that, said sponge. have you.
i don’t know, said breadroll. and who knows? it is too much of a muchness. we may as well end something somewhere somehow.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.