someday somehow the same must happen again to someone

is that the day we’ve waited for? hardly is. never, not this one.
these were the comments received to the question; we could have other comments but are content with these ones. they are better than none at all.
thus spoke sponge.
certainly there was no need for him to say that.

somehow someone must get something

if we are not getting anywhere, said sponge, could we at least settle for another goal? that was a question. d’you want me to sound like a journalist? fnn ff nnnfff fnnn.
not good, said breadroll, you won’t get a story out of this.
there must be something, said sponge.

brutality must not be too courteous or it will fail to convince

and what’s the shop bit, said blokk. he whacked breadroll, he whacked sponge. they did not have teeth to be kicked out but butts to be smacked heavily. after the blood had dried up breadroll said, you know your asskicking is kinda gay, as in homosexual, you better beef that up a bit you know. whilst block of wood saw where breadroll was coming from he could not fathom what he was talking about.
sponge was unimpressed. a rather sleeky way of not getting my drift, he said.

there must be a question

we better come up with something, said sponge. something.
couldn’t we wait for some thing, said breadrool.
there isn’t much that hasn’t been waited for, said sponge.
i see, said breadroll, we wait then till.
until, said sponge.

there must be an explanation for that

how could you loose her anyway, said sponge, that seems quite odd.
tiny head, said block of wood.
of course, said sponge, i forgot.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.