my myself sponge sponge on sponge

just a break here, said sponge. fnnnnnn. the interviewer. so far not much. sponge.
q: didn’t think we would get the chance really, fnnnnnn. the deflation gets me al the time, i know it’s not funny. should i swear. bloody feck feckin. fnnnnn. i’m being comical. what about you? (block of wood quite appropriately declines to do anything anal or analogue with or to the interviewer.)
a: nice morning to be enjoyed and off to new boundary, warp or not, mankind will get to places but this isn’t really about sponge, is it?
Q: not quite no. not here on my script anyway.
we got it wrong this time, vile, if you ask me, said sponge, ah well, shall i do the honours? sponge sponge sponge, hooray. sponge, yeah. sponge. we support sponge. (fans go mad.)

sit on my face

sponge on his chair was dribbling.
does anyone have a rug, said block of wood, or a tissue?
loo roll, said breadroll.
that’ll do, said block of wood.
they paused. scenery: room. (memorise details of room during pause).
i would like to be sat on, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.