my myself sponge sponge on sponge

just a break here, said sponge. fnnnnnn. the interviewer. so far not much. sponge.
q: didn’t think we would get the chance really, fnnnnnn. the deflation gets me al the time, i know it’s not funny. should i swear. bloody feck feckin. fnnnnn. i’m being comical. what about you? (block of wood quite appropriately declines to do anything anal or analogue with or to the interviewer.)
a: nice morning to be enjoyed and off to new boundary, warp or not, mankind will get to places but this isn’t really about sponge, is it?
Q: not quite no. not here on my script anyway.
we got it wrong this time, vile, if you ask me, said sponge, ah well, shall i do the honours? sponge sponge sponge, hooray. sponge, yeah. sponge. we support sponge. (fans go mad.)

may i introduce myself?

seamus brandon. but you can call me remus. uncle remus actually. boy, you’ve grown. last time i saw you they used you only on the smallest specks, and now look at you. that’s how many years now? at least if not more i’d say.
sponge always had seen himself as an adventurer and explorer, ready and willing to seek out and explore the most remote areas, but never before had this dream included the exploration of pluto and the alpha centauri region. he felt ready now to take up the struggle and go on that very journey, to leave.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.