finding a name is the hardest bit

saggapuss is a nice name, said breadroll and sniggered.
between sagga and saba’a is a mile of a difference, said sponge.
that’s true, said breadroll, as well as between sagga and sock.

there is a name to it

movement. motion.
be awful if we got that wrong, said sponge.
unbelievable, said breadroll.
block of wood had tea. he poured the liquid in the cup, stirred it, added milk, observed the milk’s behaviour in the still stirred-up tea. put the spoon down. what, he said to sponge and breadroll, staring won’t get you anyway.
wouldn’t it be awful if we got that wrong, said sponge.
you are right there, said block of wood.

a man named fishburger

a man named fishburger came and stayed only briefly. he left before lunch without notice.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.