all the sunshine now and never

all the sunshine now, the man said, folded his umbrella and threw it away. just like that. how wet he got then in the rain. we laughed. it was a quiet afternoon then, later. nobody said much, to be honest, after that; there’s no denying it.
i remember well, says sponge, although i’d almost forgotten. a rainy day.

a start is never easier than a start

was it a good report, said sponge, comments.
tit for tat, said breadroll.
agreed, said block of wood.
it was a long morning; and they struggled to keep busy.

never too square to circle

what are we going to do today?
not much. we’ll run around in circles.
they ran around in circles.
that’s quite enough, said sponge, let’s discuss it now, shall we?
running around in circles should be properly planned, said breadroll.
and funded, said block of wood.
they ran a few more circles.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.