a new day lasts as long as the old one

if you think you’ve been here before, you’re right, said sponge, but it won’t help. the end of the platform is just its beginning. you’ll take it from there; you’ll move on.
the setting of the train station’s shopping mall provides an impressive backdrop for these words. it was an ordinary shopping mall. shops and drunks and security staff. time drawn to thin lines, ringing in the breath of the passer-by. lashings, beatings, joy and sadness. bitterness.
bitterness adds negativity to the setting, said breadroll, though people ought to be positive. about things and stuff.

a new day before you know it

a brief description of the scene’s static elements, followed a series of fnnnnnnns and …
q: but how do you do it? cohesive correlations of contra countercohesion seems to be a rather complex matter that you nonetheless master without problems at all.
a: that’s right.
q: our viewers certainly would be interested in that matter.
a: arent’t they always, the nosy buggers.
q: brown nosers.
a: curious cacs.
further description of the scene’s static elements as well as states of the dynamic ones.

all new

o look, said breadroll, there is a cup.
and there, said block of wood, is tea.
isn’t that lovely, said sponge, we three, here, around the corner, at last.
brllo, said breadroll.
what about the i, said block of wood.
what about it, said breadroll.
it’s missing, said block of wood.
new policy, said sponge, we are required to be rather economic with terms that aim to express excitement.
i see, said block of wood, brll.
that was a tad bit too economic and a training session for block of wood was arranged.

do new to square a roundish rectangle

should we go around or in circles, enquiry from sponge.
in circles way cooler but around gets you around. so we go. let’s not cut corners and file a report on the matter.

on for a new day

breadroll gazed into the void.
the void, he said.
close the fridge, said block of wood, so he’s gone for a walk, isn’t he. is that corporate policy or just some private enterprise?
policy rocks, said breadroll, it should be a policy, alas i reckon it is just a process.
process yes, said block of wood.
all in a sudden sponge entered the room, brushed and otherwise also neatly cleaned.
how was the walk, said breadroll.
which walk, said sponge.
the walk, said block of wood.
breadroll and block of wood stared at sponge while sponge stared at breadroll and block of wood. between staring and counterstaring the void bore a new day.

new lotion

con con con con con con con con con con con con con con, said breadroll.
lotion, said block of wood.
and we jumped right into it, said sponge, a stain that’ll stay.
stay-ay-ay-ay, said breadroll.
what’s wrong with him, said block of wood.
he’s just excited, said sponge, about all the exciting innovations we are about to focus on today, let alone the improvements.
that’s good, said blokk and knocked breadroll over with a blow of utmost brutality.

new day

the three sat at the breakfast table. mole-eyed sponge, red-eyed block of wood and puss-eyed breadroll.
they said on the news it was a new day today, said block of wood.
nah, said breadroll, don’t believe that.
surely there would have been an email, said sponge.

new day’s resolution

tomorrow i make a wet sponge go into work instead of myself. i make the sponge sit on my chair and wait for me to sit on it.
but that probably would be too much excitement for a workday.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.