next big thing on screen

i hate to say that ,said sponge, everybody who knows me now that i would not make a lame joke if i didn’t have to, but that’s what i call a big thing on screen. — he points at a squashed flesh fly on the screen. see, i had too.

herr brekst next

herr brekst: so, well, if you ask me to: lose weight guardian! for the scrotum convention. male enlargement fractures perhaps gauzed arragon, but men don’t wear rings anyways. you’ve tried all the resteds, now try the bestest? recumbent nightgown floating away in a sea of amber dyed ale.
the (bouncer, blackcoat, redneck, underprivileged) or igi.anal’ (someother == variablethatresultsin == other), male enlargement desktop fickler dexterity brawler.
all that while the doorknob flooded his ears, the usual.
herr brekst ceased. was quiet. certain sadness around the man.

next step

not yet defined, i should say, said breadroll.
you should actually, said block of wood.
shouldn’t it be agreed on as well, said sponge.
the cold, empty spreadsheet of bleakness appeared on the screen.

next step

and now, sponge said, as we have summarised the week — and duly i should add — we shall proceed with it. in a desirably timely manner.
that’s a good plan, said breadroll.
well, actually, sponge said, there is no plan. we have to make one first.
make one, said block of wood.
yes, sponge said, make one, a plan, quick.
make one, said block of wood. early hours: two words.
a plan, sponge said, we’ve got to think.
think. — harder.
three sunk into nothingness.

next round

breadroll, block of wood and sponge went around the building, around and around and around.
i’m glad we’re doing this, said sponge, it is very important, know what i mean. extremely helpful, to others and all. 24/7. furthers the team’s project even further than any other action taken previously…
sponge stopped, and breadroll put the remote control back on the table.
it usually does not work, he said, but it did this time.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.