back to normal

and another whirls the dust, said sponge and folded the paper. egg in his face. named and shamed as a terrorist. extraordinary rendition, the works.
he shouldn’t have bought the cheap type of ruckskack, said breadroll, that made him suspicious. could you pass me the butter.
shall i spread it, said block of wood.
no, said breadroll, did they blow him up?
yep, said sponge, full blast. you can book it on pay-tv if you want.
nah, said breadroll, i’ll watch it when it’s out on the free channel.

somehow a normal morning

herr brekst broke the silence by saying: that’s the day that’s in it tandaradei.
silence howled, which was unusual, and disappeared, which was expected.
now, said sponge, i think we should be grateful and moving on the agenda.
the plan was accepted. tihio tukk, said breadroll, we can voice ourselves again. what a delightful day is dawning out there and what a nice table is set for us. shall we proceed?
proceeeeed? block of wood thought for a while and agreed. yes proceeeed.
they proceeded with their business and poured tea.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.