breadroll, sponge and block of wood were walking down the road, just like the old days.
and do you remember, said breadroll.
i never gave back my membership card, block of wood, no need to remember. besides. you dropped me an email.
that’s true, too, said breadroll, so, how are you getting on with the report?
i’m getting there, said block of wood.
at the corner they turned. at the next corner: same again. we are on the right way, said sponge, i should be able to tell. i printed the description.
it’ll be a long report though, said block of wood, once we are at that stage of finalising. when we get there.
three protagonists looking melancholic.


tequila and all, said sponge, it’s the may holiday. all that should be involved. prudently. where are the days when we used to frogmarch and chase eachother and be sat on? gone. outsourced. finito.
breadroll ciabatta intelligentia.
block of wood ikea practicability plus efficiency mingled with beechwood.
sponge alessi desaster but the cups do look great.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.